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Stacked BMX: 3pc. Crank mod American B.B. To mid/19mm/22mm



The Stacked BMX 3pc. Crank mod American B.B. to mid/19mm/22mm is a Aluminum cup that fits a American bottom bracket and 19mm or 22mm spindled crank set. The 19mm version has a mid sized bearing pressed in the American outer sleeve. The 22mm version has a slightly larger outer diameter than a mid bottom bracket to add extra strength to the bearing. If you have an American bottom bracket and are trying to upgrade to a sealed 3pc. Crank, this is what you need to make it happen.

Outer diameter: American bb
Inner bearing diameter available: 19mm or 22mm
Outer bearing diameter: mid/19mm or 22mm/oversized
Color: 19mm black or 22mm polished
Includes: 2 bearings w/cups, tube spacer, crank spacers

Shipping: $5 flat rate shipping in the U.S.A

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