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Kink: Pulp Stealth seat



Stacked official word:
" The kink crew comes through tough again with the new Pulp stealth seat and gets your heart pumping. A vintage style image is sublimated on the heavy duty top and mounted on a super soft padded seat. utilizing the pivatol system, it is taken to the next level and hoses the Stealth mechanism to give it that clean look. Slide one in your cart when nobody is looking, it will cheer you up on your next ride."

Shipping: $5 flat rate shipping for 1 - 100 seats in the U.S.A.

Ships in 1-3 business days, not including the day your order is placed. Excludes weekends and holidays.

We accept all major credit cards & Paypal.

*To pay with Debit card or Paypal card: Proceed thru check out til you see, "proceed to paypal" click the link then on the paypal login page click the bottom option " pay with debit card or credit card" to finish payment.

*To pay with Paypal: Proceed thru check out til you see " proceed to paypal" click the link, then on the paypal login page, login to finish payment.

***Every Online order comes with a bunch of stickers and FREE stuff from your favorite brands. The more you order the more we throw in. Stacked Always giving back.