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Stacked Banger slaps sticker pack / Stranger Crux V2 frame raffle


Buy a Stacked Banger slaps sticker pack gets you entered in our Stranger Crux frame raffle.

Only 28 entries Available

We will send you a Stacked Banger Slaps sticker pack and enter you in our Stranger Crux V2 frame raffle. 1 out 28 entries will win a Brand new frame in your size with shipping at no extra charge. Please select the frame size you would wish below. We will announce/contact the winner when we receive 28 entries. We will do another raffle after 28 entries have been committed.

Please repost image on social media after you purchase your sticker pack to help entries hit 28 orders. The faster we get all 28 entries the faster we announce the winner.

*purchase does not guarantee you a frame, Good luck to all of our supporters.