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Cult: Dakota Roche Signature pedals



The new Dakota Roche signature pedals are Super wide and ultra thin built from a high quality nylon to make them super durable against pedal grinds. Supported by a heavy duty axle these pedals are dialed. If you are looking for a solid, wide, thin pedal, pick up a set of these today. These are rated No.? on our #beststackedpedals

GOOD: Reasonably priced, Wide body, Thin profile, lots of knurl and pins

BAD: Only available in 3 colors, which isn't so bad of a selection.

*comes in pairs ( Left side & Right side)

Shipping: $5.00 Flat rate shipping for 1-100 sets of pedals

***Every Online order comes with a bunch of stickers and FREE stuff from your favorite brands. The more you order the more we throw in. Stacked Always giving back.